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Come with Me and You’ll be in a World of Pure Imagination…(visual rhetoric)


I can think back to being a senior in High School and seriously looking a schools for the first time.  I was going to so many websites and they honestly made me feel like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory!  It seemed like everything was possible.  It was my doorway into what my future could be!  Everywhere I looked I saw pictures of happy smiling people, people having fun, people enjoying school!  As charlie, this is what I saw:

Charlie when he first comes into the factory all he sees is beautiful candy lanes, a chocolate waterfall and fantastical little orange men called chumba-wumbas!  When I first walked around on my college campus all I saw were sidewalks full of freedom, a magical dorm room full of friends, and a wonderful rainbow of people called students!  I was so full of wonder of this new world called college but pretty soon…someone got caught in the chocolate tube.  My vision of perfection was shattered and I saw OCU for what it really is.

But you know what…it worked!  I liked what I saw on the website and it got me to the school!  I saw those happy smiling faces on the homepage and it made me want to click around and find out more!  When I liked what I saw it really made me want to go to OCU.  I’m sure that this is true for AUM as well.  Their homepage shows happy studious pictures of their students and faculty!  Plus kudos for the “warhawk” profile!  It gives a realistic view of what AUM as a university is about and the kind of students who attend their school.

In constrast I found Standford to be very basic and in a sense plain.  It was not so flashy as OCU and AUM.  When I asked my friend who actually goes to Standford about why he thought that may be he told me that when he was looking at the school he never looked to the website to help him make a decision.  Because Standford is just Standford they really don’t need a website to market themselves.

However, back to OCU, I in the end I am in LOVE with my school!  So even though OCU isn’t EXACTLY like the website portrays it to be, I have come to find that it is so much more!  And at the end of the day I get to ride the elevator.


This post is about hyperlinks…and Brittany


Ok so I’m not exactly sure how to start this off.  I find it is awfuly hard to write when one is not in a writing mood, or when one’s brain is not functional enough to be quirky and creative.  I never thought I’d have bloggers block but lets give it a whirl!

Writing is ambiguous, how one wishes to interpret a word or phrase is up to the reader BUT through hyperlinks (should you choose to click) shows you a whole new view of the content.  Even if the link doesn’t even relate (in your mind) the link was prevelant to the writer so if anything it gives you insight to how the writer thinks, thus a better knowledge of the argument or thoughts posed! I think it is a very effective method of visual rhetoric!


Now time for the mention of my roommate because I promised…Brittany is my roommate, I love her very much! She is a very proud 4’8″ red head with a fiesty attitude.  She says hello! 🙂

Edible Sunshine


You know what I find to be edible sunshine? A grapefruit Izzy drink, water, and a green apple!  When I eat these simple delicacies a rainy day can’t touch me.  I have a theory as to why they are so amazing…wanna hear ir?…ok so if you continue to keep reading this then you asked for it!

The reason is simple…no serirously, the reason why they are so wonderful is because they are so simple.  We complicate things!  From our food, to our events, to aspects of our daily lives.  We add to this, “BAM” that, we can’t leave anything alone.  There are always tweaks to be made and improvements  be had.  In a world where the world ends when the to-go line is closed at school, and corporate americans stress themselves out by being late to yoga, simple becomes refreshing.  So next time you need a snack, grab earth’s candy.  Don’t tamper too much!  I promise it will taste amazing!  Like an island in the mess of crazy just take a moment, slow down, and enjoy the simple joys of life!

(Hi. It’s Brittany now. I just wanted to stop by and say hey. So, hey. I love Devin lots aanddddddddddddegfry6j2wk)  I just took the computer back from Brittany.  She is my roommate and I love her so much!

Say bye Britt

I’m going to make this as deep and emotional as possible. I mean this is my final word right? So it has to be good. Very good. Extrememly good. I have to be elequent and make it sound awesome. It has to be the best ending speech or few words ever spoken. It’ll be the best thing I have ever written. Ever. *huge intake of air* Bye.

See, enjoying life 🙂

Femme Fatale


Felt poetic! Click here to get a feel for what the poem will be expressing 🙂

With a bat of her lashes

She can cause clashes

The master puppeteer


Her sultry curves

can upturn worlds

when she’s lent an eye or ear


You lock eyes through the smoke

and try not to choke

distracted by her red lips


Don’t trust her a moment

or you’ll be a component

in her plan she leads with her hips

Taking note


When looking at my fellow classmates blogs there was one thing I noticed…I LOVED READING THEM! Many of my peers I met last semester in COMP I, that’s many many months of getting to know someone yes? But in one week I feel like I have learned more about the various people in my COMP II class. From their choices of how to decorate their blogs, to their poetic self portraits, and other random blogs they choose to post, I have been given and in depth look at who someone is. I won’t name any specific person(s) but things made so much more sense as to how they think. Its funny to see differences and similarities between yourself and other individuals.

Linked-in Poetic Self Portrait


I am from films,
pepperidge farms and apples
I am from the tree in the middle of the driveway (tall and powerful with the wet sweet scent of oak)
I am from the mint, the rain storm
whose showers still invoke nostalgia
of a time when I danced in them with my sister

I am from the cinnamon roll Christmas tree and blue eyes
from Brennah, Danica, and Brett

I am from over achievers
and some-what believers,
from go to college and do what you love

I am from the reformation
here stand I
I cannot differ

I am from a mutt of the rightful owners and the men who took his land
Cajun turkey and pecan pie
from the time my twin sister ran head first into a mirror thinking it was me
and the fact that that was not the only time
my father’s mustache that has kept his upper lip a mystery

Upon my bookshelves stand the pages of my life
And the lives that came before
Pictures and letters, musings and scraps
Living past and present, awaiting the future

I am from shared DNA
stubborn to defy nature
to not have myself pre-defined by strands
but still molded by God’s hands



There are a lot of firsts in life, first love, first pet, first journal, well welcome to my first blog. The first thing I noticed about creating a blog is I didn’t know what to call it. I went through all my likes, sunflowers, the smell of apples, green tea, etc. I eventually decided that it would be cool to do film noir because I’m a film student..but two of my best friends said that I was too happy and adorable to have an angsty style blog BUT contrary to what many people think, I have had my shares of trouble. Everyone at some point in their life will go through hardships, its how you handle them that show who you are. What I have learned experiences is that it is far more worth my time to be happy rather than sad. I make a conscience effort everyday to be happy, I always remember that it could always be worse. I am a firm believer that sadness is necessary and normal, but it is also fleeting, it does not rule your life.
So now that ive rambled let me bring you full circle as to why ‘adorable angst’. I am terribley sensitive so often I show small signs of angst to the most random things…my friends find these happenings adorable. Sooo adorable angst.