Edible Sunshine


You know what I find to be edible sunshine? A grapefruit Izzy drink, water, and a green apple!  When I eat these simple delicacies a rainy day can’t touch me.  I have a theory as to why they are so amazing…wanna hear ir?…ok so if you continue to keep reading this then you asked for it!

The reason is simple…no serirously, the reason why they are so wonderful is because they are so simple.  We complicate things!  From our food, to our events, to aspects of our daily lives.  We add to this, “BAM” that, we can’t leave anything alone.  There are always tweaks to be made and improvements  be had.  In a world where the world ends when the to-go line is closed at school, and corporate americans stress themselves out by being late to yoga, simple becomes refreshing.  So next time you need a snack, grab earth’s candy.  Don’t tamper too much!  I promise it will taste amazing!  Like an island in the mess of crazy just take a moment, slow down, and enjoy the simple joys of life!

(Hi. It’s Brittany now. I just wanted to stop by and say hey. So, hey. I love Devin lots aanddddddddddddegfry6j2wk)  I just took the computer back from Brittany.  She is my roommate and I love her so much!

Say bye Britt

I’m going to make this as deep and emotional as possible. I mean this is my final word right? So it has to be good. Very good. Extrememly good. I have to be elequent and make it sound awesome. It has to be the best ending speech or few words ever spoken. It’ll be the best thing I have ever written. Ever. *huge intake of air* Bye.

See, enjoying life 🙂


About adorableangst

I am from apples, from pepperidge farms and vanilla I am from my Grandmother's paintings that hang on the walls I am from the cut grass, the sunflower I am from the disgusting cinnamon roll Christmas tree From Brennah, Jami and Gary I am from the bad jokes and "go fish", from "go to college" and "always forgive" I'm from "here I stand I cannot differ" I'm from Germany, cajun fried turkey and gumbo From the time my twin sister ran into the mirror thinking it was me and the the fact that that was not the first time. I am from the shelves and shelves of scrapbooks and memories in my living room (and more recently facebook), who's contents are untouched by time...and won't be

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