This post is about hyperlinks…and Brittany


Ok so I’m not exactly sure how to start this off.  I find it is awfuly hard to write when one is not in a writing mood, or when one’s brain is not functional enough to be quirky and creative.  I never thought I’d have bloggers block but lets give it a whirl!

Writing is ambiguous, how one wishes to interpret a word or phrase is up to the reader BUT through hyperlinks (should you choose to click) shows you a whole new view of the content.  Even if the link doesn’t even relate (in your mind) the link was prevelant to the writer so if anything it gives you insight to how the writer thinks, thus a better knowledge of the argument or thoughts posed! I think it is a very effective method of visual rhetoric!


Now time for the mention of my roommate because I promised…Brittany is my roommate, I love her very much! She is a very proud 4’8″ red head with a fiesty attitude.  She says hello! 🙂


About adorableangst

I am from apples, from pepperidge farms and vanilla I am from my Grandmother's paintings that hang on the walls I am from the cut grass, the sunflower I am from the disgusting cinnamon roll Christmas tree From Brennah, Jami and Gary I am from the bad jokes and "go fish", from "go to college" and "always forgive" I'm from "here I stand I cannot differ" I'm from Germany, cajun fried turkey and gumbo From the time my twin sister ran into the mirror thinking it was me and the the fact that that was not the first time. I am from the shelves and shelves of scrapbooks and memories in my living room (and more recently facebook), who's contents are untouched by time...and won't be

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