#20 my small thoughts


‘one two three four tell me that you love me more’

‘wanelo.com is my achilles heel’

‘gee I love childrens movies’

‘my children WILL be raised on classic disney movies’

‘so tired…can’t keep eyes open…OOH COOKIES! They would make this moment so much better’

‘I’m a banana look at me move’

‘Danna Devotchka The Winner Is…devotchka like a Clockwork orange?  Beehtoven?…yes.’

‘I am such an odd person…I can dig it’

‘My mom is awesome…dad too!’

‘The world should declare a vendetta on media…It’s not evil but it is over used.  People now live their lives vicariously through those they follow on Tumblr.  How many times have my friends seen something really cool they want to do but never do because their time is taken up by Tubmlr…yup time for vendetta.’


About adorableangst

I am from apples, from pepperidge farms and vanilla I am from my Grandmother's paintings that hang on the walls I am from the cut grass, the sunflower I am from the disgusting cinnamon roll Christmas tree From Brennah, Jami and Gary I am from the bad jokes and "go fish", from "go to college" and "always forgive" I'm from "here I stand I cannot differ" I'm from Germany, cajun fried turkey and gumbo From the time my twin sister ran into the mirror thinking it was me and the the fact that that was not the first time. I am from the shelves and shelves of scrapbooks and memories in my living room (and more recently facebook), who's contents are untouched by time...and won't be

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  1. Time for a thought experiment! Let’s say you personally really did declare a vendetta on media (V-for-Vendetta-style). What visual symbols would you use? What mask would you wear, and why?

  2. First off, I love this post. It is really cool that your small thoughts and your everyday personality match up so well. In noticing that it makes me realize just how genuine of a person you really are. I also could not agree with you more on the Tumblr thought. Many people tend to, “waste more time dreaming than living” (said by my 2nd favorite band “Daphne Loves Derby”). Anyways, I’m really glad we are friends, Devin.

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