Oh the irony!



When one drives they drive on a parkway, yet when one park their car they park in a driveway.

When a good is delivered by a car it is called a shipment, but when it is delivered by a ship it is then referred to as cargo.

Why are there drive up ATM machines in brail?

I think its an injustice that we sell cigarettes at the front of stores yet we make the sick customers walk all the way to the back to get their medicine.

Politics: poly meaning many and tics being horrible blood sucking creatures.

These are just a couple of forms of ironic situations.  One of my favorite pictures of irony that I have seen throughout my lifetime is: (see post below)

I found this picture to be incredibly ironic, and I think one can see why for obvious reasons.  For this post I looked for many pictures of irony, from profound pictures of a door with a sign that says do not enter,  to strange ones where people drew ice cream cones licking human children (demented I know)…but eventually I decided that funny irony is so much better, but not only that, a funny picture with a message.

I am one who is fairly intolerant of intolerance, and I’m not a fan of hippocracy either, often I’m just one big walking contradiction, but I still think that this picture is incredibly ironic and I like the message that it has to send.  If someone wishes to get in shape, obviously taking the escalator to the gym is not taking the right step.


About adorableangst

I am from apples, from pepperidge farms and vanilla I am from my Grandmother's paintings that hang on the walls I am from the cut grass, the sunflower I am from the disgusting cinnamon roll Christmas tree From Brennah, Jami and Gary I am from the bad jokes and "go fish", from "go to college" and "always forgive" I'm from "here I stand I cannot differ" I'm from Germany, cajun fried turkey and gumbo From the time my twin sister ran into the mirror thinking it was me and the the fact that that was not the first time. I am from the shelves and shelves of scrapbooks and memories in my living room (and more recently facebook), who's contents are untouched by time...and won't be

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  1. I loved all of the little contradictions we hear everyday of our lives, but we are so used to it that we don’t care or really say anything about it. I wonder why we don’t just call things by what they really are and get rid of the confusion.

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