What if you had to choose between an individual and a group to let live…who would you choose?



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I am from apples, from pepperidge farms and vanilla I am from my Grandmother's paintings that hang on the walls I am from the cut grass, the sunflower I am from the disgusting cinnamon roll Christmas tree From Brennah, Jami and Gary I am from the bad jokes and "go fish", from "go to college" and "always forgive" I'm from "here I stand I cannot differ" I'm from Germany, cajun fried turkey and gumbo From the time my twin sister ran into the mirror thinking it was me and the the fact that that was not the first time. I am from the shelves and shelves of scrapbooks and memories in my living room (and more recently facebook), who's contents are untouched by time...and won't be

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  1. This is such a fascinating way to describe what went through many peoples’ heads while thinking through this trolley scenario. Random images of different kinds of people flashed through my own mind and affected my deliberation until our Socrates said to disregard people as being qualitative. Still, that is impossible for us to do completely, and I had to stop calling them “people” and start dubbing them “stick figures” to actually make a completely unemotional decision. What an unanswerable question, especially for anyone with a heart. I know I will avoid being in charge of any type of public transportation for as long as I live!

    • I think (though at points it sounded as though we disagreed) we are in fact on a similar, if not the same, wave length. It is just such an unanswerable question that makes me uncomfortable to think about. I’m with you, I will NEVER drive any form of public transportation!

  2. I really like this! I hadn’t looked at yours until we discussed it in class, but it was really interesting hearing why you choice to make a mix of these pictures! I really like your choice, because I would’ve never thought of this!!!

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