Whatever happened to the Good Samaritan?


Today my friend Esteban walked into the lobby of my dorm building and the first things out of his mouth were “I just threw up.”  When I asked him why he said that they showed a video in his psychology class of a 2 year old girl, in the Chinese city of Foshan, getting run over by a van, passed by many people who didn’t help, and then ran over by a SECOND van!  This kind of behavior is sickening.  Once he told me this I fully understood why he and many of his classmates felt the need to vomit.

I had never heard of this story before so I did a little online research of my own over the subject (see my sources below).  I REFUSE to watch the video, I cannot bring myself to witness the event which ultimately led to the death of an innocent child and caused excruciating pain in the process.   But I did manage to find out some interesting pieces of information.  But the one I really want to rant about is the “reason” why 18 people passed this child dying and did absolutely nothing!  Apparently in 2006 there was a case where a woman in Nanjing fell and the man who bothered to take her to the hospital was then accused (by the same woman) with the act of pushing her.  The judge made his decision based off of the thought that “common sense dictates that the man who pushed her would be the one to take her to the hospital.”  Therefore the man was found guilty of the charges.  This case has swayed the way many people choose to act when confronted with helping strangers.  Not stopping there, the Ministry of Health even went so far as to issuing guidelines on how to help fallen elderly individuals.

The woman who did eventually make an effort to help the poor girl from the road was an old “garbage scavenger.” The lady even went and retrieved the child’s parents, who had not been around for any of tragedy.

Whatever happened to the good Samaritan?  The person who puts others in front of themselves and will do what is right and suffer the consequences?  To sacrifice one’s self to ensure another’s happiness and well being?  It makes me sick.  I can actually look at the world and still have faith in it but moments like these kill me on the inside and shakes my foundation.








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