I am from films,
from pepperidge farms and apples
I am from the tree in the middle of the driveway (tall and powerful with the wet sweet scent of oak)
I am from the mint, the rain storm
whose showers still invoke nostalgia
of a time when I danced in them with my sister

I am from the cinnamon roll Christmas tree and blue eyes
from Brennah, Danica, and Brett

I am from over achievers
and some-what believers,
from go to college and do what you love

I am from the reformation
here stand I
I cannot differ

I am from a mutt of the rightful owners and the men who took his land
Cajun turkey and pecan pie
from the time my twin sister ran head first into a mirror thinking it was me
and the fact that that is not the only time
my father’s mustache that has kept his upper lip a mystery

Upon my bookshelves stand the pages of my life
And the lives that came before
Pictures and letters, musings and scraps
Living past and present, awaiting the future

I am from shared DNA
stubborn to defy nature
to not have myself pre-defined by strands
but still molded by God’s hands


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