This semester has been a whirl wind of writing for me, approximately 4,000 words not including comments.  (Shout out, by the way, to everyone else in my class at OCU and the students from AUM, look at all we’ve done!)  So it’s hard to look back and try to pinpoint the best writing from my own personal blogs as well as other students, after all there is so much of it and everyone is just so skilled.  So instead of looking for the best I’m simply going to link to posts and comments that stood out to me.  These are the ones that I didn’t have to search for or reread, ones that just stuck throughout this crazy ride called spring semester 2012.  So without further ado, here are my selections.

The comment that I posted myself on an OCU student’s blog that stood out the most was posted on Atom’s with Imagination.

Truthfully this one came late, but I still think this was one of my better comments because I was able to relate to it.  So thank you Peace Love & Rock n Roll!

Posting where I felt I stretched myself the most intellectually and perhaps also my best analytical post.

My best visual rhetoric posting.

Exploration that I felt most vulnerable.  Truthfully this one, as simple as it may appear, is very important to me.  I literally sat down in front of my computer and tried stream of conscious writing, I stopped when I became wary of how fairly angry I felt my thoughts become.


Post that I feel are my “strongest”:

One for the money

-Two for the show

-Three to get ready

Now click and go




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